The DUGA & Co. Law Firm is a Bilingual (English & French) Law Firm. Based in the Capital City of Cameroon, Yaoundé, it hasboth national and International Competence.Cameroon being a bi-jurial country (common law and civil law systems) the Law Firm is made up of Barristers trained in both legal systems.

The Law Firm is a partnership of three Barristers and has 5 jurist collaborators two of whom are full-fledged Attorneys and three expecting their call to the Bar.The Law Firm also has consultants who are specialists in various fields, most of them Lecturers at Universities.

The Founding Partner, Dr. E. DUGA TITANJI, is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Cameroon. He is also a Senior Lecturer of Laws at the University of Yaoundé II - SOA. He is also Formerly, the Legal Manager of Crédit Agricole du Cameroun.

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Duga & Co.Law Firm is one of the most modern and innovative law firms in Cameroon. Located in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé, it is comprised of Advocates and Solicitors with national and international competence.

We are perfectly bilingual (English and French) and have Attorneys trained in both the Common and Civil Law traditions.

We are a leading business and litigation firm with a strong reputation and a long history of success. We do interesting and challenging work for a diverse client base, including businesses, financial institutions and not-for-profit/non-governmental organisations, governments and individual clients.

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