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- Law Reform Prescriptions for the Fight against Corruption: The Case of Cameroon. Revue Africaine des Sciences Juridiques, Vol.5, No 1 (2008), pp. 203 - 216 ( see PDF document attached to be uploaded here)

- The Right to Defence under the Criminal Procedure Code of Cameroon: The Consecration of International Human Rights Norms under Cameroonian Law? Juridis Periodique No 75, (2008) pp. 90 – 101. (see PDF document attached to be uploaded here)

- The Right of Indigenous Peoples to Self-Determination versus Secession: One Coin Two Faces? (2009) 9 AHRLJ, pp. 52 – 75 This journal is on-line and the article is available at  http://www1.chr.up.ac.za/images/files/publications/ahrlj/ahrlj_vol09_no1_2009.pdf

- Bilingual Glossary of Legal Terms – Lexique Bilingue des Termes Juridiques (Book) I have attached the cover of the book in PDF it can be opened through a link

- The Legal Framework for Foreign Direct Investment in Cameroon (Upcoming).

- The Duty of Confidentiality in Banking Contracts: The Bankers Cross-Roads? (Upcoming).

- Justiciability of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Municipal and International Law (October, 2010) Unpublished Ph.D Thesis

- Incorporation of Companies under the Uniform Acts (September, 2002) Unpublished D.E.A Memoire.

- The Contract of Banking in Cameroon: a Legal Perspective (September, 1993). Unpublished Maitrise Dissertation