Advocate Attorney

Vera is a bilingual and engaged advocate licensed to practice law in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Cameroon. She has undertaken a leading role in the firm’s litigation department and has built a reputation of ardently defending her clients.

Vera’s practice focuses on supporting clients in the resolution of all kinds of disputes arising from banking relations. Over the years, she has counseled high profile clients and multinationals on a diverse portfolio of banking and finance issues, notably; debt recovery, the enforcement of loans, guarantees and securities, fraud, mistaken payments, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation, and fraudulent presentation of cheques.

Vera is also a consultant for the firm in the domains of labour and employment. She counsels on contentious and non-contentious employment matters. She has represented diplomatic institutions, INGOs, business corporations and multinationals on compliance to national labour laws. She has successfully defended her clients on claims of wrongful dismissal, professional negligence, miss use of confidential data, privacy and confidential information, breach of contract and restrictive conventions;

Barrister TIMI Vera also has extensive experience in the regulatory framework governing entertainment games, games of chance and the gambling sector in Cameroon. She provides tactical guidance on the creation and the overall procedure to obtain licenses to operate in Cameroon. Her assignment also extends to facilitating and advising International NGO’s seeking to operate in Cameroon. Having undertaken this role in the firm, Vera has gained insights on the formal and informal structures governing civil society organizations;

Vera is passionate about intellectual property and educates entrepreneurs on brand protection and talent monetization. As a part-time, she trains interns and paralegals. She strives for perfection in serving her clients at the least cost and in a timely fashion.